One of the first things that formed our relationship back in 2012 was our love of photography and film. Before we met, each of us held the desire to create, capture and frame the world around us through our own lens.

Our first few years together were spent learning from one another, collaborating on side projects, and pushing each other to grow our craft.

After shooting our first wedding together in 2014, we knew we had laid a foundation to build on. Since then, we've been working together to create and capture stories of all kinds.

In 2015 (the year we got married), we knew it was time to brand ourselves and our work together as one unit. And so Cotangent was born. Since Daniel was a high school math teacher for 3 years before moving into video production, we wanted to connect both worlds. Cotangent is a geometry term, but it stuck because when you break apart the word, it becomes "co" and "tangent," which represents the two of us working the side hustle together and doing what we love since day one.

- Rebecca + Daniel