Practice Indie

Meet my dear friend Shannon. Lucky for me, she's also my yoga teacher at the CrossFit gym where I workout. This woman is blessed with so many talents – including but not limited to her quirky and honest sense of humor, work ethic, flexibility, vision, excellent taste in music, green thumb, natural beauty, and compassion for others. Her lessons in class carry into my life and help me remember to be patient, understanding, and present throughout whatever life throws my way. Her positivity shines so bright, and it doesn't take long to notice the ripple affect that she has on others.

She'll soon be opening up her own yoga studio in downtown Indianapolis, and it shall be called Practice Indie. I couldn't be more excited for her to take this leap of faith, mostly because I have complete confidence in and admiration for her abilities and also know the enthusiasm and love that everyone will support and surround her with as she works to cultivate this passion more deeply. I have so much to thank her for, but maybe more than anything I'm grateful that she shares her vulnerabilities with me and those around her. I have a difficult time accepting imperfection. I'm judgemental. I hold high standards for myself and those closest to me. I don't enjoy failing. I become easily anxious about what I could be accomplishing. But holding onto these self-imposed habits will lead me down a bitter road. At the end of the day, there's much more to who I am than a blooming portfolio or defined skill set. Life is messy, and that includes my own.

This photoshoot is just one example of how a shared interest and investment in others can continue to grow your passion and your heart through the channel of collaboration. Without even seeking it out, I was blessed with an opportunity to work with someone I admire and care for! And it was anything but stressful – an adjective that too easily creeps in as we work. It was fun, energizing, and completely refreshing, y'all. (I've also been working with Shannon to brand an identity for Practice Indie and will be sharing more on this soon!)

Thank you to be present, inc. for being such an awesome partner to work with and to Daniel Arthur for his unnecessary but very appreciated assistance. For a fierce, red-headed, mermaid yoga experience, stopby CrossFit Naptown to take or try out a sassy, vinyasa flow.

~ give yourself permission to be yourself. ~